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The Impact of Recent Texas Policies on Black Communities

When we look at what’s unfolding in Texas today, we’re not just seeing headlines—we’re seeing history. The changes happening now are deeply entwined with the experiences of Black communities, both in the United States and throughout the global diaspora.

Let’s first explore Texas’ recent educational policies[1]. A rising concern is that these changes, which limit discussions around racism and omit crucial events from Black history, may distort our youth’s understanding of the past. This mirrors a historical tactic known as the “Lost Cause” narrative, a post-Civil War effort in the South to downplay the role of slavery in America’s history[4].

Black media voices have been active in responding to these developments. For instance, renowned Black journalist Roland Martin addresses these changes in his online show, Roland Martin Unfiltered[5]. Martin warns against the dangers of erasing history, a message you can hear for yourself in this episode.

Next, we’ll consider the newly enacted voting laws in Texas[2]. These laws, which make mail voting more difficult and increase partisan poll watchers’ power, disproportionately impact Black and marginalized voters. They echo the Jim Crow era’s restrictive voting practices. The Root, a significant Black media platform, elaborates on this topic in this video report[6].

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also intensified the persistent issue of wealth inequality among Black Texans. Redlining and other historical economic policies have contributed to this disparity, and the pandemic’s impact is magnifying it. The Breakdown, a podcast by The North Star, discusses this issue in this episode[7].

For people in the African diaspora, these events hit home. Racism and injustice aren’t confined by borders, and the current situation in Texas serves as a stark reminder of that fact. It’s an echo from the past, a mirror reflecting enduring systemic issues, and a rallying call for change.

In short, what’s happening in Texas isn’t just local news—it’s a wakeup call. By recognizing the importance of these issues and seeking solutions, we can aim for a more equitable future.

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As a dedicated team at the Political Education For Freedom, we work daily to bridge the knowledge gap in our Black communities. Alongside organizations like the Zinn Education Project, Teaching for Change, and the Center for Black Educator Development, we strive to ensure that our history is not erased or distorted. Our collective mission is rooted in a shared belief that understanding the past is critical for shaping an equitable future. By providing resources, curating thoughtful content, and creating platforms for discussion, we contribute to a richer, more inclusive understanding of Black history and experiences. Our work helps empower our community, foster racial equity, and nurture the minds of the next generation. Together, we can rewrite the narrative and make strides towards a more informed society.

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