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Investing in Communities​

Political Education For Freedom is a web resource hub dedicated to investing in communities of color. The Hub provides a platform for community-based organizations, think tanks and activists to share their knowledge and resources with the public. Through the Hub, individuals and organizations can access resources on topics such as voter outreach, civic engagement, electoral reform, and social justice. The Hub also serves as a platform for organizations to connect for mutual benefit. 

By investing in communities, the Hub encourages economic empowerment, political participation, and the advancement of justice and equity for all individuals.

Whenever you find a man who's a successful businessman, you can also find that man was able to set up a successful business because he had the economy of the community in which he lived supporting his business. To make it possible for him to start small and then expand.

Political Education For Freedom General Fund

Your Empowerment Contribution is an unrestricted gift that supports Political Education For Freedom in our ongoing mission to provide essential educational resources and initiatives to underserved communities. It allows us the flexibility to allocate funds where they are most needed, whether it’s for course development, community outreach, or new empowering programs. Your generous donation fuels our passion and commitment to bring about change through education. Give today, and together, let’s uplift our communities through knowledge and empowerment.

Join our mission by donating today - together, we can reach our goal and change lives through knowledge.

Every dollar helps empower and educate!
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Barbers & Books


Join the Initiative that Fuses Fresh Cuts and Fresh Pages!

Help us shape futures one haircut and book at a time through our Barbers & Books initiative. Your kind contribution supports the provision of free books to young boys at local barbershops, promoting literacy and confidence. Each donation means more books, more empowered minds, and more opportunities for our boys to see themselves in the stories they read while getting their haircuts. Donate today and be a part of this transformational journey.

"Feed Minds, Fuel Futures: Breakfast & Books!"

Support our Free Breakfast & Books Summer Program – a lifeline that nurtures young minds and bodies during the summer months. Your generous donation ensures that we can provide nutritious breakfasts and a rich collection of empowering and engaging books for Black children in our community. Every dollar goes directly to feeding their potential, fueling their growth, and fostering a love for reading that can change their lives. Invest in their future – donate today.

Let's Ignite Change in 25 Cities!

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Empower Through Knowledge

Community Building and Development

Historical Preservation and Celebration

This initiative focuses on creating and providing comprehensive, engaging educational resources for Black children. Your contribution will help us maintain and expand our extensive library of learning materials and articles, promoting a love for learning and strengthening a sense of identity among Black children.

Every community thrives on mutual aid and collective progress. This initiative aims to invest in community projects that uplift Black neighborhoods. From organizing literacy programs to supporting local businesses, your funds can contribute to creating a nurturing and prosperous environment.

Celebrating Black history and preserving it for future generations is vital for fostering pride and understanding. This initiative includes creating content related to important Black historical figures and events, commemorating Black history month, and celebrating days like Juneteenth. Donations to this initiative support these activities, helping to ensure that our rich history is never forgotten.

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$2.00 Tuesdays

This Giving Tuesday, we’re celebrating the power of small acts with our $2.00 Tuesdays!


$2 bucks can make a big wave of change, there’s no such thing as ‘too little’ for our liberation!

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