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About Us

Hello and welcome to Political Education For Freedom! As a passionate and driven non-profit, our primary goal is to equip underserved communities, particularly Black children and families, with essential educational resources and courses at low or no cost.

Our Mission

Our mission resonates deeply within our core values: “To enlighten minds and spark transformation through political education, laying the groundwork for an empowered and free future.” We firmly believe in the power of knowledge as a tool for change and that everyone, regardless of their background, has the right to understand their history, the politics that surround them, and the impact they can have.

Our Journey

Political Education For Freedom is more than an organization; it’s a movement conceived from a profound belief in the transformative capacity of education. Established in 2023 by our determined founder, Nitra Banks, our journey has been about filling the glaring void in our education system – a lack of comprehensive, accessible, and correct teachings of Black history, political involvement, and civic responsibility.

Our Methodology

Our learning methodology is driven by interactive and engaging online courses and workshops. We utilize the vast potential of digital learning platforms to make education not just easily accessible but also interesting and valuable. Our curriculum ranges from understanding the contributions of impactful figures in Black history to deciphering the workings of the political structure, empowering learners with the knowledge they need to think critically and independently.

Our People

Our strength lies in our vibrant and diverse team of educators, historians, activists, and volunteers, each bringing their unique skills, experiences, and fervor to our mission. Every team member is deeply committed to fostering a dynamic, supportive, and enlightening learning environment for all our students.

Be Part of Our Mission

Whether you are interested in enrolling in our courses, looking to volunteer your skills, or wish to support our cause, we open our arms to you. Join the Political Education For Freedom family, and let’s collectively shape a future where knowledge is power, and change is possible for everyone.

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